Monday, August 29, 2005

testing testing testing

Anything could happen, anything quite likely is. This is probably a dumb time to enter the world of blogdom. The husband is upstairs doing unspeakable things to a kit from IKEA (a bed for the daughter (number3 child) should you ask, or actually half a bed as he bought half and realised later there was another half to buy, so it is actually more of a cage for a 10 year old which is kind of apt considering). Number2 child is prowling the kitchen like a feral beast on a quest for food (we did the supermarket shop today and already he has eaten a fair amount of it) and number1 child is watching something about dinosaurs. So in between husband thumping and crashing (in a non planned way), number2 thumping and crashing in a food-seeking way, number1 thumping and crashing in a trying-to-get-comfortable kind of way that could wreck the sofa and number3 just thumping and crashing because she is that kind of kid... I'm not sure I really can concentrate. Still fingers crossed (can one type with crossed fingers?).


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