Tuesday, August 30, 2005

knit projects - proof I don't just knit things that are green

I am currently debating an important ethical issue - how soon can a loving mother borrow her son's digital camera if she gave it to him for Christmas? Currently I am using a conventional Pentax Espio 200 but Number1 has a camera that he wanted but just hasn't got interested enough to use. I thought maybe if I figured out how to work it and whatnot I would be doing him a favour, you know there are moral dimensions to this.... although it would save me shooting film and getting it developed and then the good people at Boots sending it back to the labs as they had clearly marked CD on the packet but that just never happened and then having to wait.... However if Number1 child isn't bothered how does that help him? However if it is not going to get used maybe it would be a good thing to pick it up and .... Oh I could go on and on. Actually I do go on and on, truth is I have to find the camera and then the instructions and then any connecting twiddly bits - it all seems such a lot of effort.
Found piccies to brighten the blog up and to cheer myself with the happy thought that the needles will soon be flying again once the dissertation is over and I mean needles flying in a productive way, not through the air in frustration that my brain is now seriously fried and I can't think what to have for dinner let alone clever things to put in the 20K words to be handed in just as soon as (or 3 weeks in normal terms).
Anyway, whodathunkit - not all the items are knitted in green yarn (actually I lost my photos of my two fave items which are both green). The two that escaped are a Kidsilk Haze long sleeve tee in gooseberry (Icy from Rowan Book Nr 30) which compels people to stroke me (dangerous thing to do that - librarians and hamsters can be a bit nippy if handled by unfamiliar/overfamiliar? people) and Tess in a softer matching green RowanspunDK in moss stitch (also in Rowan Book Nr 30) and has definite "binkie" qualities. I am feeling infinitely more perked up now I have looked at knitting stuff - I may even go further and indulge in a nice glass of NZ Shingle Peak Pinot Noir, now normally I am a kiwi blond kind of woman (with the odd leaning towards - or is that after? Aussie reds) but that was the only Shingle Peak in the shop and I was homesick and hankering after a bit of kiwi sunshine even if was a year or so old sunshine and came in a bottle and besides my aunty used to live on a farm near where it comes from, oh happy memories.... too many reasons are perhaps giving the impression I am desperate, well given the brain-jam I am currently undergoing (sent off the methodology for criticism last night and believe me that was a trauma and a half as after struggling with it, I have realised I am just not methodical and having to justify something I am just not, well it just about did for me) well just maybe I am a leetle stressed.
Kaffe Fasset Cardigan from Rowan
knitted last year and not 100% successful in my opinion
Berrocco Seude Jersey, no pattern
like the yarn and wanted a simple no-brainer to knit, worked out better than I expected
Yarn from Ashford (makers of all those spinning wheels), NZ; no pattern
yarn from Ashford in Ashburton bought eons ago during a visit home


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