Saturday, September 03, 2005

little miss no-willpower

Well, I’ve succumbed. I made myself a promise that no new yarn would be bought whilst I was cobbling the dissertation together and would remain calm and focused and sharply honed like an intellectual scythe cutting through the crap in the write-up so far. But that was such a dumb idea and at least I recognised it in time. On the way home last night I accidentally ended up in John Lewis (took quite a detour I can tell you to make this happen but the husband has gone off to Austria for a week of conference about gravel) and bought some Rowan Ribbon Twist which I have no idea what I am going to knit into – maybe I will get all creative once I have handed in the study, but there is enough for a jersey/jacket/binkie. I am deeply impressed with myself – it is a very sophisticated choice for me (normally I caper up and down the zingy bits section like an overgrown child) but this is positively sludge-like in colour and I mean that in a good way. Just to show I haven’t changed spots – I did buy some Rowan Polar in leery pinks etc – but it was so pretty, again I have no idea as to what its going to be.

Also I have no morals - I have borrowed Number1 childs camera but have no idea as to what I am doing with it/to it. I have sort of sussed out the camera bit, but as for the photo editing - well it just isn't playing ball but then it is hard o learn something new when people are breathing down your neck wanting to play runescape.... So the purchases do look kind of dark.

Not to be content with parting with more money than I should I tootled off to Miller Street to check out V V Rouleaux which is now in Glasgow, that was a distraction intervention to keep me out of Costa Coffee and away from food otherwise I would have eaten one of their macaroons which is always a bad idea as 24 hours after eating them (wheat) I go kind of like a hot air balloon inside. Bad, bad idea. I have now got the most gorgeous trims – one for a long sleeve tee (another Icy Tee adaptation??? How many can one woman need), but it's yummy, these little dinky beady thingys would look so perfect around a red kidsilk haze plain knit (oooooh I am seeing the transparency of the knit and the twinkling of the trim and I see it in red as opposed to the one I already have in Gooseberry and the hoodie I adapted from Icy in a deep blue and the one still in my head that was going to be brown and with tiny beads through it...) and then there was this other stuff – perfect for a light shade and light shining through the beads they look like fat summer berries and there was this chenille fringing stuff that looked like purple millipede on a roll and would be so perfect to go around a bulky knit so I wouldn’t have to do fringing and this other fringing (suede) that I have no idea as to what I could do with it that cost over £50 a metre but I want it, want it, want it. And I haven’t even mentioned all the ribbons and gimp and … But best of all the staff in there were so nice and friendly and it was all so glorious and so completely unrelated to what-I-am-supposed-to-be-writing-up-and-almost-cannot-bear-to-mention, I love shops like that – where people are so enthused about what they are doing they talk to you without trying to sell you stuff or else leave you alone to mooch until you need help and then act as though they have all the time in the world whilst you mentally faff over which, what and how much. One of the staff (the guy with dark hair) did a degree in knitting – oooooooooooooooh imagine, studying something you love? Actually I remember the grand passion I had for my topic when I chose it, but now it has the horrible taint like that of a friends choice in boyfriend – I just can’t see the attraction.

(see - just like ribena berries, must figure out the darkness thing)

I have at least written up most the thing-that-cannot-be-mentioned, number2 child was asking me last night how on earth can anyone possibly write 15K words. Actually it is not how someone can write that much, it is more how someone can write that little – how can you put in all that is necessary to cover your bases/make you look like you know what you are supposed to and then chop, chop and chop again. It is the equivalent of knitting a huge pair of bloomers and then whittling them away to a g-string and with a butt as big as mine that just isn’t right.


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