Friday, February 17, 2006

my new blog home

I am trying TypePad as a new home for the Blog , so far I am spending too much time playing with all the pretties - one could be seriously side-tracked. Being a not very inventive type it is still Knitonlybutalso .

Monday, February 13, 2006

progress and a little diversion

I am progressing with rambling rose – done the back and one of the roses. I am full of kiwi patriotism - having joined team kiwi, I think I will have to wait until the wekend before I figure out the blog button side of it all.

However today was taken up by a work meeting in Edinburgh. This meant setting off on the 6.35 bus to Glasgow and then a train to Edinburgh for a 10.00 start. So by the return trip for 4.30 I was starting to flag a bit and got to Edinburgh station thinking I would have a bit of shut-eye on the train back to Glasgow.

Anyway, the train was not at the usual platform, so it meant scurrying off to a side area to find Platform 19. A number of us make it at 4.28 and arrive to find the doors firmly shut and people already inside, so we wait for the doors to open, and we wait, and we wait. By 4.39, a little voice comes over the tannoy to inform us that the train would leave for Glasgow at Platform 16 at 4.45. My guess is approximately 500-600 people turn and run towards the usual platform only to find the automatic gates have seized and there are just two guards on duty to check tickets as we go through, this happens just as two fire engines turn up to free the trapped passengers and also as the station staff decide for no apparent reason to evacuate the main concourse causing a totally impassable wedge of people to gather. Somehow I wriggle my way past man-nipples and back packs with trainers strung to them through the barriers and onto the train.

This makes me very happy, despite a very large man then coming and sitting next to me, pinning me into my seat. Everything is sorted I am on the train home. Although I do feel a bit of a sardine and can’t move my arms which means I can't drink my water.

The train fills with people, and a wee voice comes over the announcement system; “This is the delayed 4.45 train for Glasgow, stopping at Haymarket, Linlithgow and Croy” which means limited stops, people bound for Polmost and Falkirk Higher now have to climb past or over people to get off. Once they are off, another little voice comes over the announcement system “This is the delayed 4.45 train for Glasgow, stopping at Polmont and Falkirk Higher” so the people for Haymarket and Linlithgow and Croy get off and the people for Polmont and Falkirk Higher now get back on and climb over ginger haired toddlers screaming and struggle past the small squat old lady with bin bags and nose deep in a Maeve Binchey novel who aint moving no matter what. A new voice now comes over the train announcement system “This is the delayed 4.45 train to Glasgow and we are making limited stops”....

I love Scotrail at times like this, every journey is a potential adventure.

The bus home is such an anticlimax.

I have now begun the first side for rambling rose,which means 15cm of ribbing on 2 and ¼ mm needles. Now I am not in favour of stimulants to help wth sports or any of that sort of thing, but I think either chocolate or a Shingle Peak Sauvignon Blanc is called for at this moment...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Theo and the knit olympics (and still no Dave)

"I'm the only rodent kinda guy around here - grrrrrrrrrrr...."

This is possibly not the angel face we thought it was. Now I am not saying he was involved in Daves's disappearance, but every time he goes past Daves empty cage sitting on the living room with its' little door open, he gives the door a firm and thorough nudge shut.

Dave is still missing - we are hoping he is hibernating or semi hibernating or well, y'know something positive....

In the meantime, this is what I will be knitting for the Knit Olympics - I even found some ribbon that might work o.k-ish not that a trip to VV Rouleaux is exactly hell-ish (found whilst I was turning over the stash in a late night Dave hunt). Note it is sealed in its' plastic bag - I feel so virtuous - yarn I can't even touch until kick off, whatever next.