Saturday, December 03, 2005

finally - proof that I am certifiable

Well first they sent me the invite to the graduation despite not knowing if the thing-that-must-not-be-mentioned had passed (so raising the question of what had I graduated with). Then they sent me the results of the first two years (I'd had those marks back at the time but I guess it needed confirmation) and then finally I got this!!! O.K now we can mention it, its a M.Sc in Health Informatics, 3 years worth of distance study and after 3 years if you understand the health system and provision/organisation of health information within the NHS then you are deeply deluded.

So now I am certifiable - worthy of a "stifikit" as my daughter would call it, but not yet the proud recipient, so as we are in the holding pen of pre-stifikit-but-worthy-of-one, then the only possible term to apply to such a state is just that - certifiable. I do hope when the stifikit comes in January (?) it is sparkly. I do like glitter and spangly bits, but I fear it will be something tasteful.

Anyway, what does three years hard slog, whilst owner-operating three ravenous offspring, one workaholic husband and a full time job with an organisation that has been "dissolved" as it is officially deemed to have failed-and-is-pulling-itself-apart-from-the-inside-out-give-you???

Well, the evidence suggests from a photo, an office-clearing colleague sent over to me that was taken just prior to starting the course, is approximately 2 clothing sizes and nearly three stone. So naturally I have celebrated the stifikation (sounds just short of deification if you say it like that) with a large family sized bag of maltesers just for me (disgusting). However no one in the Brown household seemed that impressed with the occasion so it is only fair and proper that I kept the Maltesers for myself. Oh o.k they did get a big fancy (reduced price) chocolate cake from Tesco - as wheat sends me orbital after 24 hours - they got that all to themselves.

Funnily enough, I haven't gone on a massive celebratory yarn expedition yet, as I am actually trying a bit of a yarn detox - ie using a bit of what I have as the husband as started making sad noises as he trips over little bags or parcels displaced from their usual hidey holes to make way for Christmassy things for offspring. The only knitting progress to report at the moment is Thelma - a pink Jaeger Fur rabbit so far armless and legless and missing her snazzy sunglasses. A pink fur rabbit needs arms and legs and sunglasses, so guess what I'll be doing this weekend - however as she is being knit on the wing so to speak I have no idea what sort of arms and legs etc to knit, still she needs done with - so this weekend is cut off point for her. Wish me luck.


Blogger Daisy said...

Certificates become more boring in appearance the more advanced they are! My basic computer one was multi-coloured, big crest, hologram etc etc. My first degree one looked like a Word document printed out on card!

8:43 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Well done on the stifikit ! I so know what you mean on the stashing of children's Christmas stuff - I'm currently storing the entire contents of my wardrobe on the bedroom floor as I can't get anything in for carrier bags !

11:37 PM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

Absolutely sparkles -- you deserve them after three years' work. If it doesn't come with them, I will send you some glitter glue!


7:28 PM  

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