Friday, November 04, 2005

hypertext / url for Guardian not working no matter what - bad

the URL / hypertext for the Guardian piece won't seem to work - no matter what. So here it is....

"Tony, 22 is a librarian and member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. After five years working in a children's library, on £23k, he wants new horizons."

Point Nr 3

"Tony's research skills could lead to employment as an NHS librarian. Many hospital trusts have onsite staff libraries to help keep clinicians up to date and boost the professional development of other staff. He would ensure information could be found easily through clear library indexing and catalogue keeping. Tony might also provide regular summaries of clinical journals for medical staff. He can expect at least £25,000 a year"


I would like to point out apart from being annoyed about my profession as a medical librarian being considered as easy-peasy to enter, I am also thoroughly cheesed off for children's librarians - would this also hold as good advice for NHS librarians jaded by their job trying to enter their line of work? I doubt that a children's library holding interviews for a position would be exactly leaping at my c.v which leans heavily towards what can be ferreted from a database or the teaching of information literacy skills to staff - hmmmm, just can't see that going down well at all. I do not have their child-friendly skills, their knowledge of literature, their patience, their ..... in fact put me amongst chldren other than my own for any length of time and I would undoubtably be a quivering wreck. I would suggest that not only is being a children's librarian a profession, but something more undefinable. And thats just my point I guess, children's librarians have as many skills as we do in the health sector and they are just as finely honed etc, but their skills and my skills are not suitable for some easily transferrable flippant "job swop" scenario written up by the ignorant.



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Blogger knittingnurse said...

Wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your comment on my blog (I couldn't find an email to reply to you at so I came here!).

Yea, as you could tell, I was pretty PO'd. Today at work was horrid as well so, my mood isn't much better but I truly appreciate the support.

Thanks again.

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Blogger Yvonne said...

Tag - see my blog!

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Blogger Daisy said...

Oh yes, I saw that Guardian thing (got the link from the CILIP daily wotsit) and thought ?!?!?!?!?! It would be like me (a rare books librarian) trying to jump straight into being a medical or children's librarian - NO! Just shows how little people know about it all (how many times have I heard: "you need a degree to stamp books?!")

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