Monday, September 26, 2005

rant (just a small one)

The husband's mother phoned, this is never a good thing. Some people get on great with their in-laws but the husbands family are not my in-laws - they are not mine, period. She wants me to remind him that it is his sisters birthday and to get him to ring her. I get on even less well with his sister than I do with the rest of his family (something to do with the fact that she cannot stand me as not only did I have the temerity to marry her precious older brother, when none would ever be good enough, but also he seems quite happy to be married to me; and then again it might have something to do with the fact that I am not a hard-bitten gold digger and don't generally judge people before I have ever met them/know anything about them so we have nothing in common). Ooooooh feel the love.

What I do not understand is;

a) in all my husbands 41 years and his sisters 35, maybe he could have learnt to remember her birthday himself?

b) if he really wanted to phone her, does he really need me to help him dial (he has all the fingers necessary)?

c) if the stuck-up little princess really wanted him to give her a phone call now and then, maybe just maybe, she should either call him or send the odd thank-you for presents once in a while?

d) if she really wanted ME to remind him, then maybe she would have remembered my name by now, after nearly 17 years of marriage to her brother.

I have passed the message on but he doesn't seem to have bothered as yet. Don't hold your breath. You'da thought that the husbands mother could have instilled that little chore into the husband as he was growing and not waiting until he was all up and gone to suddenly start trying to get him to bother about his family birthays and such like, by the age of 41 it may be a bit late. Think calm thoughts, think calm thoughts, think calm thoughts, think calm...... Nope not working - too much history there, these must be the only two people in the world that genuinely annoy me. Think happy thoughts, think happy....


Blogger Stephanie said...

Only 17 years of marriage? Maybe his sister is right, maybe you aren't the right woman for him. That's just not enough time to know yet. Maybe at the 50th they will figure out you are here to stay! Okay, your garden looks gorgeous so the digital camera is doing something right! I am NOT a gardener at all. I tend to sort of well, kill things in the garden. That's just me! Oh well.

3:43 AM  
Anonymous Jane said...

My mother-in-law used to phone me ON my husband's brother's daughter's birthday to remind ME. Not a few days before, and not a call to my husband. It did not go down well when I blithely told her that I was responsible for remembering my family's birthdays and that Simon could do his. I could hear that sharp intake of breath.

So you have my sympathy. Just pass on the message and you've done you bit!

9:19 AM  
Blogger Yvonne said...

It could be worse - she could instruct you on what gift to buy, what time to deliver it, what you must wear - oh and what you must cook to contribute to the party!
Then when you get there you find all they've provided is crisps and nuts and your quiche is the main course for 12, there's nowhere for you to sit, there's nothing you can drink and they rehash all their childhood misdemeanours - if I hear the story of my DH using a straw and cocktail sticks as a blow pipe once more I will be tempted to do a re-enactment!

9:58 PM  

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