Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Oh, I am a happy woman (it doesn't take much to please me), the results for the dissertation have met with reassurance (phew) so far, and I have found the photos of the knitting I was looking for.

Tess from Rowan Nr30

I have also been rootling around and found the Icy in Kidsilk Haze (see below) from the same Rowan Book, I even found my Patons "Must Have" or should that be "Must-Have-shrunk-whilst-I-was-knitting-it" as it is a close fit, at least I've read that on other blogs too so I guess it isn't me, thats the Bonne Marie ribby shell underneath (must take photos elsewhere in the house - that door is distinctly over-used).

Icy also from Rowan Nr 30

Patons "Must-Have" Cardigan in Rowan Yorkshire Tweed

(shade 347 - Skip)


Bonne Marie Burns Ribby Shell in Rowan Calmer

(shade 463 - Calmer)

Unbiased Bag from Knitty (Fall 04)

Himalaya Recycled Silk

Designed by the brilliant Stephanie Shiman - note the daffs happily nodding in the foreground, shows how long ago it was that I was young, carefree and not writing up.

Charlottes Web Shawl in Koigu

And finally proof that I do bond with the children (but only now and then), here is Number3 happily finger-knitting (well not actually happily - just look at that fearsome gaze of one little girl being told it is bed time as soon as her hair has dried)

Floo finger-knitting (and I blame YOU Yvonne!!!)

And finally, proof that we even bond as a family - husband and little critters on enforced summer bike ride along Loch Katrine (can you feel the air of general suffering caused by 30 mile pedal and how Floo at mid-way is slumped by the fence looking distinctly filleted). I have a feeling the famly are going to regret the ending of the dissertation as there could be more of this.

Poor little things, it was over 30 degree heat and they really were NOT keen.


Blogger Yvonne said...

I'm not responsible for getting your kids addicted to finger knitting!

The garments look fantastic - wish I could knit so quick.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

LOVE your FO's. Might it be because I've made or am making the same patterns? Humm ... ;) Good work!

Also love the family photo. The slumped drama says it all! Then of course a month later they want to go again because "it was so cool". Ah, the child's gift of selective memory.

That photo reminded me of a summer 12 years ago (oh, but I'm getting old!). The days were beautiful, butat night the midges were pure evil. We hiked the West Highland Way up to the Loch Lomond ferry crossing. Then we cheated and bussed it up to Skye for more camping.

Where do you live in Scotland? My boyfriend (not current DH) was from Mid-Lothian, so I've poked around that area a little too.

3:24 PM  

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