Saturday, September 17, 2005

the joy of rings

Well, I am no longer little miss-billy-no-mates, I have managed to join a ring, this is no mean feat as it involves meddling with the html gubbins on the blog template and my small brain just doesn't respond well to following instructions, especially if there are no pictures (the husband calls it "wilfully thick"). Still, with the wonderful hand-holding of the supreme Heidi-Jane I am now attached to other people (this has erased horrible memories of being in the school playground when I was about 6, when my best friend and neighbour told me I couldn't join in with any games as I was too ugly and too stand in a corner facing away from everyone, which I duly did, I think the thing that bugs me most about that memory is that I did what she said, not her actions). Still thats the nice thing about nearly all librarians - they just don't care, and that's generally true about knitters too.

I even found Heidi-Janes blog (that is such a wonderful name, I am going to obssess over it now for the next week) and all the cute baby knitting, I have a really good friend at work who is expecting her first baby in February (on Waitangi Day), she doesn't knit but loves the look of it (ohhh, she is the best kind of friend to have!!!), so I can knit anything and everything. I had moved beyond the realms of baby stuff (numbers 1,2,3 are 12,11 and 10), but the baby things around these days are so cute - I agree with people who say it is just a shame they are not scaled up. But then who in libraryland could stand the sight of little plump me swishing around the library at work in my knitted Stitch'n'Bitch Nation (isbn 0766135901 pbk) li'l devil pants (page 204). I think I could look so good with a forked tail, but it might scare the punters.

I have now moved from wotsits (small maggoty shaped cheese flavoured "corn snacks", with fluffy orange glow-in-the-dark extra cheesy powdery gunge coating each and every one like a Chernobyl mildew that coat your fingers in a most delicious kind of way and are best eaten at 2.00 am) to Food Doctor Soya Nuts. These are supposed to do one a power of good, and the body could do with a bit of an overhaul after the thing-which-must-not-be-mentioned. I will have to wait and see if they have an effect, if I have funny dreams I am going back to the junk...


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