Monday, September 12, 2005

...and my heart went "Ping"

Here is a serous question - can you love a rabbit too much??? We have taken proud possession of one rabbit, a dear little sleek mainly black (white tummy, white-ish paws, wispy floppy grey fringe hanging in front of his eyes) rabbit. He is the most wonderful rabbit ever and we've named him Theophilus, he is a Lionhead rabbit and totally darling. So far there is extensive debate as to whether he will be in-door rabbit or outdoor rabbit, I hesitate to call him a "house-rabbit" as that sounds like a dancing rabbit that is out there clubbing until the wee small hours and coming home pished and with all sorts of issues like getting tattoos when he is just too young.

I've used almost a whole roll of film on him (went back to my camera as Number1's camera just wasn't playing ball) and now discovered my battery is flat. This may mean another roll of film and a new battery, still Theophilus is soooo worth it.

The thing-that-must-not-be-mentioned is now in one piece as I have pasted all the chapters together, this means just checking for STOOPID (a programme that seems to have downloaded itself onto my machines at home and work and basically it stands for Special Technical Occurrences Overtly Proving Idiot Drivel, and it seems to run best when I am totally NITSAL - No Idea, Too Soon After Lunch, in case you ask which can last all day ) which translates the usually brilliant into worthless crud, and the more brilliant it is, the worse it ends up.

I am now feeling slightly more hopeful about handing the thing in and turning my attention back to more important things like knitting.


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