Tuesday, September 20, 2005


This is the most handsome rabbit that ever lived...

Now if that isn't the cutest little rabbit you ever did see? He is a total heart throb and he escaped, still he is now back and all is forgvien (at least between me and the rabbit but the husband is still in the doldrums - I blame him for rabbit scurrying off in the first place, suggesting he would go well with carrots and to call him Stu - that sort of thing, I mean what is any sane rabbit to think?..). Anyway, after a couple of days of freedom some people near us in the flats in the converted church found him cowering under a car and took him in. When I went to collect Theophilus, he was sitting in his own room in a massive cage with all the treasures a little rabbit could want - talk about landing in clover.

In the meantime I have been almost unable to knit, I have spent most of my knitting time frogging anything I have managed to get on the needles.

Anyway, Theo is now home and looking quite happy, do rabbits need therapists? I was really worried - after all he is just a baby and not only are there lots of dangers out there with big dogs and cars etc, but he could have got in with the wrong crowd and his life could have gone totally awry, before long he could be hanging out at the rabbity equivalent of the local bus shelter where all the kids in the village (and the surrounding ones) seem to impregnate each other. He could have taken to drinking bottles that are mysteriously wrapped in brown paper bags (where do people get those these days?) and then falling over in the middle of the main street and worst of all smoking all manner of dubious substances (and he has such little lungs).

One of the neighbours after seeing him says he does not look like Martin Kemp, she says quite firmly he is much more Martin Fry from ABC who had a longer and floppier blond fringe. She may be right but he is just not a Martin.

Don't even try to resist, Theophilus knows it is futile, go on, stare into the beautiful bunny eyes, and feel yourself going, going, gone..........................

You are soooooooooo hooked.


Blogger Stephanie said...

Okay, I'm hooked! He is so very cute and I'm glad he was returned to you safe and sound. Don't worry about the what-if's. He does look sensible and he could have resisted all those bad choices! Okay, he did escape but I bet he learned his lesson. Keep posting pics of him.

1:31 AM  
Blogger jpd said...

We used to have a bunny. Now just have a kitty. And a fish. A mean fish. Must be the name we gave him, Reis.

9:09 PM  

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