Tuesday, November 01, 2005

At last something off the needles...

Yarn from Mo Bair and Book is Wrap Style by Allen and Budd
(Interweave Press isbn 1931499918, Top Down Capelet by Ann Budd p49)
The first project from Operation SECC (Glasgow) is off the needles...

Anyone who knows me would say I am a pootler, what takes most people minutes can take me eons as I faff about exploring the ins and outs - I always take the long way and thats no different with yarn. I am full of ideas which I start and then I.... well I...... However I have finished the first of what are probably many projects from the SECC, I had to start with the Mo Bair (the alternative would have been to just lay it out on the floor and roll in it, but knitting seemed more productive). Now for me, this is remarkably classy and remarkably quick.

That yarn is positively scrumptious

On a completely unrelated front, this is Theophilus investigating his first Halloween pumpkin, what you can't hear are the awful noises that sounds as though they are involved in heavy duty smooching (in fact Theo can't resist a little nibble).

This is Theo seconds later when he realised he was being watched - note the innocent big eyes as he stands guard right in front of some of the childrens books where he likes to recline (yup on top of them, which doesn't seem that comfortable to me)...


Blogger Stephanie said...

Is it just me or does that yarn look like mink? If it is, that is awesome! No harm to animals. And I live in Texas and that would be hot anyway. Do you think Theo has/had a crush on the pumpkin. They are a pretty shade of orange. He is so cute and of course innocent! Maybe he soaks up the stories as he naps on top of them.

8:30 PM  

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