Thursday, October 13, 2005

held to ransom...

Can you read this???
(fresh organic carrots everyday or the PC cable gets it)

Someone has nibbled though the Broadband cable. We are not sure who - but this appeared on the kitchen notice board, suggesting an inside job. The husband has pointed the finger at the rabbit (is that libellous?) although I doubt the rabbit can reach the board and if - as the husband claims, the rabbit is as thick as mud, then it is highly unlikely he would post a ransom note with all the letters selected from The Independent. Personally, I suspect the husband, he is deeply jealous of Theophilus afterall, and this could be a stitch-up. Would a rabbit with a face like this really do such a thing?

It is much more likely to be the husband as he is not competing as successfully as he once did for food around here (something to do with slowing down due to his advanced age – 41). Still it was only the broadband cable (which can be replaced) – it could have been yarn……

I have just realised in the last week or so, that my non-knitting-expectant-fellow-kiwi friend is about 6 months along and all I have knitted is one wee cardigan. What sort of knitting friend does that make me? So all projects have been flung to one side to knit a teddy to add to the cardigan - two things makes it officially a collection as far as I am concerned. Lil' Ted is sitting next to my Ted who is modelling a scarf knitted by my non-knitting sister - isn't that just gorgeous, the colours are like paua shell and I cried when I opened the parcel (and then slept with the scarf under my pillow for the next week - is that too much information?).

Lil' Ted Yarn: Felis trends by Adriafil, shade nr 10.


Blogger Stephanie said...

I am in complete denial that your sweet little bunny could be up to any suspicious behavior. Sounds like he has an older wiser accomplice helping him out! Hmmmm . . . maybe feed hubby some organic carrots ONLY for a week and see where that goes! Pretty scarf!

2:59 AM  

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